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Florence Tonéatti

Designer, Florence Tonéatti, built her universe by first training at the Berçot studio, a design school.

Almost 30 years at the head of a Parisian art gallery have encouraged its openness to contacts with painters and visual artists.


Thirst for independence and freedom, she is involved in the creation of "fragments of art", jewelry and everyday objects with the rule of conduct to give free rein to her emotions.

They are the fruit of his sensitivity and his ability to capture all that is part of the beautiful in his world of references.


The result today, unique creations of raw and pure elegance that stand out from fashion.


To give shape to her dreams, she surrounds herself with talented craftsmen.

From this rich and fruitful dialogue that she likes to establish, are born meaningful and timeless pieces that everyone can appropriate to continue to bring them to life.



©2023 Copyright Florence Tonéatti

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